Saturday, September 10, 2011

Depero Deco

In the fall of 1919 the eclectic futurist artist Fortunato Depero (1892-1960) founded the Casa d'Arte Futurista,
a studio-workshop in Rovereto where with the help of his newlywed wife Rosetta he designed and produced
a vast quantity of toys, decorative objects, graphic designs, tapestries and furniture. 
The decorative tapestries and cloth-marquetries were designed by Depero 
and then put together by Rosetta and a group of women workers under her direction.

Fortunato and Rosetta during their first two-year sojourn in New York. 
She is holding the famous Bolted Book.

 Chiocce con pulcini, relief, 1913-15 

 Complesso di uccelli tropicali, sketch, 1918


Topi, intreccio a croce, 1920

 Scimmia, 1920

Serpentello, 1923

Pellicano paradiso, 1923


 Quattro serpenti, 1925

In 1925 Depero took part with a personal room in the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs
 et Industriels Modernes in Paris, a very important exhibit of industrial and decorative arts
 which introduced the Art Deco movement to the world.

Gallo, 1937

Birds, decorative frieze, 1952-53

In his later years, Depero revisited many themes from his previous works.
In 1957 he founded his own museum in Rovereto, the Casa Museo Depero, 
which after a long restoration finally reopened to the public in 2009. 
You can find a wealth of photos from the museum at designboom.

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