Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Squirrel Spoon

I really enjoy the rich and colorful tenderness of Sandra Dieckmann's art.
She clearly loves animals, line drawing, patterns, and collage, and I couldn't agree with her more.
Coincidentally, as I was preparing this post, I dicovered that just yesterday she was informed
that her work has been chosen by Shaun Tan as the winner of the Emerging Talent category 
at the 2011 Cheltenham illustration awards. Congratulations Sandra!

Crowned crane

Dieckmann is from Germany and has been living in London since 2002.
You can read an interesting interview with her at We Love Creativity.

Hi : Bye

Found You There

This work is part of a collaborative project with illustrator Jaime Mills
portraying ten of the world's most endangered animals.

Japanese crane

Young Treasure

Dieckmann is very active on the internet and you can find her at her website and blog,
 on twittertumblr and flickr, and at her society6etsy and Envelop shops.

Congratulations again to Sandra for her seemingly boundless energy!


  1. I just saw her work for the first time last week. It is amazing. I love that bear one...



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