Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Safari - Does & Fawns

Anne SiemsPet Doe

I have always loved deer, aside from the fact that when I lived in California
they would get into my garden and eat all the flowers and vegetables!
If you love them too and would like to see some more, 
visit last Spring's Safari featuring stags and bucks

Kiki Smith, Fawn

Jennifer Davis, Fawn

 1960s brass deer at Fears and Kahn

 Mirko Hanák, illustration from Joyce Stranger’s Book of Hanák’s Animals,
thanks to liquidnight

 Jozef Baláž, illustration from Tupfel im Brunnen, thanks to 50 Watts

Ikko Tanaka, thanks to Gurafiku

Hella Jongerius, Nimphenburg Sketches Animal Bowl, thanks to Agnes Szucs at iiiinspired

Yoshie Watanabe, illustration from Brooch

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