Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Art Attacks

 Alice and Martin Provensen, The Color Kittens, 1949
(one of my favorite books when I was child!)

Dale Maxey, back cover of Nurseryland Annual, 1969 

Vladimir Pivovarov, 1971, thanks to polny_shkaf

N. Radlov, 1990

Gwen KeravalOscar et l'impala

 unknown author, from L'enfant et la lecture

Anthony BrowneWilly's Pictures

Sandra Boynton, Chlöe and Maude, 1984, thanks to Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves

Nicola BayleyParrot Cat, 1984

 Kurt Vargo for Art Direction Magazine, 1980s


  1. Aunque no te ponga comentario en todas las entradas, te agradezco tanto las imágenes que subes. Me hacen soñar por un tiempo, porque son todas extraordinarias, y es un gran trabajo buscarlas. Un saludo, y de nuevo mi felicitación.

  2. So marvelous. What a smile you have given me this morning!

  3. Great treasury!
    I have book about very artistic chameleon:

  4. What a feast of art! So happy to see little critters having fun making it!!! And it's always fun to visit Animalarium!!!

  5. Thanks for your comments and compliments!

    And a special thank you to wool-bulb for the wonderful link!



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