Sunday, April 7, 2013

La Dame et le Chien

Georges Clairin, Sarah Bernardt, 1876

Last Friday I gave a lesson about the posters of the Belle Epoque,
which reminded me of how much I enjoy that period, and of how much 
lovely stuff I is hiding in my (by now really big) image archives.
So here's a sequel to a 2010 post, celebrating a time when 
the elegance of hounds and the fashion of ladies 
seemed to be made for each other

G.L. Sormani, 1900

Edward Penfield, 1908

Bernard Boutet de Monvel, 1912

Coles Phillips, 1915

Otto Poertzel, The Aristocrats, 1920s

Georges Barbier, 1922


Jean Dupas, Woman with Stole, 1929

Art Deco postcard

 Louis Icart, Femme aux Levriers, 1929

Jean-Gabriel Domergue, Woman with Greyhounds, 1930

Erté, Symphony in Black

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  1. I too love this era! Yes, elegant hounds & ladies are delightful!!!



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