Thursday, April 11, 2013

Basking in the Light

Žabáček, 1982

The loveliness of the first sunny days of this late-coming Spring inspired me to post some pictures
from the gentle green worlds of Czech artist Jan Kudláček. Born in 1928 in Moravia and living in Prague, 
Kudláček is a painter, graphic artist, and above all an award winning illustrator who since 1963
has published almost a hundred children's books. His distinctive style and brushwork technique 
convey a vibrant and luminous quality to his joyful and poetic illustrations of nature,
 flowers, small animals and fairytale creatures. 

Petruschka, 1970

Holčička a déšt' (A Little Girl and Rain), 1974, thanks to Arthur van Kruining

Svatba v rybníce (Wedding in a pond), 1982, 
all photos thanks to micky the pixel

Svatba v rybníce, 1982

 Zlatý proutek (Golden Wand), 1983

 Jussi ja kalat, 1989

Pohádková lampička (Fairy-tale lamp), 1992

Pohádky pro skřítka Hajaju (Tales for Sprites), 1995 



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