Saturday, June 25, 2011

From the Field

Yellow Warblers

Holly Ward Bimba, the artist behind Golly Bard, paints lovely watercolors inspired
by the nature surrounding her cottage in the rural village of Upperville, VIrginia.
After learning how to work with watercolor from her high school art teacher, 
she studied printmaking, papermaking, and book arts at Syracuse University. 
Watercolor still remains her favorite medium, and she uses it to create 
delicate portraits of wild animals, plants, and other tiny wonders.

Wild Hare and Honey Bees
Web Weaver no. 5

Ant Hill

I love the way she combines her methodic, science–oriented approach to observing and recording
details and patterns, with a spontaneous, whimsical style and wonderful feeling for color. 
Frolic in the Fernwood

Wild Hare and Honey Bees

Black Swan and Water Lily Bog

RIng Necked Pheasant no. 2

Bard is fascinated by natural history, repetition, and cataloguing. She often creates
artworks featuring series of animals, or series of artworks with the same subject. 

Swarm of Empresses


Fanciful Feather Collection no. 1

Beetles, Weevils and Flies no. 8
You can view the rest of the series on Bard's Flickr gallery

Bard has recently designed the Woodland Collection of fabrics. These charming works can be bought 
from Spoonflowera company that allows artists to print their own designs using digital textile printers 
and eco-friendly inks on natural fiber fabrics.


  1. I love the little details on every picture.

  2. these are very touching and sensitive paintings! thank you for sharing ..


  3. Wow! I'm truly honored to be featured here!
    Thank you so very much for your kind words -
    what a treat. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I am a quilter and always appreciate beautiful art fabrics . Thank you for turning my attention to this beautiful collection .

  5. This work is stunning, thank you for drawing my attention to it. I've blogged about it and about Animalarium too.
    Cheers, Anna

  6. Glad you enjoyed!

    Anna, thanks for your post.



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