Friday, June 10, 2011

Intricate Seductions

Night Music for Raptors

I have just recently discovered the dazzling psychedelic paintings of Southern California artist Fred Tomaselli.
His layered, detailed works combine paint with an assemblage of materials including medicinal herbs, 
hallucinogenic plants, pharmaceutical pills and images cut from books and magazines pasted on wood panels
 and suspended in thick gleaming layers of resin. Tomaselli has been included in many solo and group exhibitions, 
most recently at the Brooklyn Museum. Many thanks to the Museum and to James Cohan Gallery for the images. 
Numerous articles about Tomaselli can be found around the web; I especially enjoyed the one
written by James Rondeau and posted on the website of British gallery White Cube.
Click on the images to appreciate the amazing richness of details and materials,
and check out this video to see the artist at work.


Dead Eyed Bird Blast, full view and detail

 Migrant Fruit Thugs

 Red Bird 

Avian Flower Serpent

Field Guides

Big Raven



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