Friday, June 3, 2011

Retro Roosters

Tom Eckersley menu, 1967

One of the many things I have learned while doing research for Animalarium
is that when it comes to art and design, not all animals are created equal.
Some creatures have been much more frequently portrayed than others, 
either because of their familiarity, beauty, symbolism or graphic qualities.
Unsurprisingly, roosters are amongst the winners. 
These commonplace birds are endowed with bold looks, 
colorful feathers, a great silhouette and rich symbolism. 

Lionel Kalish illustration, 1950s, thanks to Cocotazo

The animals' popularity tends to change with the times and styles.
For example, during the Art Nouveau period one can find many
elegant images of peacocks, hounds and dragonflies, while Art Deco
artists often favored the strong shapes of big cats, elephants and eagles.
Rooster images are easily found in different epochs and places, 
but they seem to be a strikingly often recurring subject in 
mid-century modernismI have already dedicated a post to this subject 
and erabut have since found lots more so here we go again...

1950s bottle by Roger Capron at Cornershop Design

 Donald Brun, 1951

 Celestino Piatti, ca. 1951, thanks to Sandi Vincent

 Yusaku Kamekura, 1956–7, thanks to 50 Watts

Wills cover for Gebrauchsgraphik 1–1956, thanks to BustBright

 Late 50s–early 60s rooster whistle by Arabia Finland,
thanks to Sagesparrow

Witold Janowski, 1959, thanks to colormagickid

Abraham Palatnik acrylic sculpture, ca. 1960



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