Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Safari - Turtle Travels

David Klein, study in cut acetate for a late 60s campaign by
First National City Bank of New York, thanks to Matt Hinrichs
The print can be found here.

"In the beginning
there was a great tortoise
who supported the world.
Upon him
All ultimately
Without him
nothing will stand.
He is all wise
and can outrun the hare.
In the night
his eyes carry him
to unknown places.
He is your friend."

from The Turtle

Ralph KiggellOrange turtle woodblock, thanks to JennWarburt

  Francisco ToledoTurtle laying eggs

Velasco VitaliTestuggine

 Ben Shahn, from The Sorrows of Priapus1957, thanks to Scott Lindberg

Saverio PolloniTestudines, detail

  Stephen Alcorn, The Turtle relief-block print, 1988

 Sebastiano Ranchetti at PopdesignGreen Turtle 

Julia KisselmannInto the Sea
thanks again to the amazing Tumblr of Dark Silence in Suburbia


  1. je suis ravie de tant de tortues et envie d'en voir + sur certains dessinateurs !
    passez une bonne semaine !

  2. Have you seen Dali's turtles?

  3. Lovely! I just love the colours!

  4. très beau blog où je me plais à découvrir toutes sortes d' me donne envie de sculpter une tortue.J'y vais de ce pas.

  5. The time-spanning turtle . Have you looked at the turtles in Aboriginal Canadian Art ? It is a sacred animal that is well represented .

    I love this blog.

  6. Breathtaking! I love the Kisselmann! And the W C Williams poem - so like my favourite novels of the Discworld: carried on the back of Great A'Tuin the Sky Turtle - is lovely!

  7. Thanks to all for your lovely comments!

    Tea and thepowmill, thank you for the good tips.

  8. what fabulous images

  9. I've enjoyed browsing and these turtles are beautiful. Cheers!



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