Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Safari - Last of the Summer Sounds

This hot and very sunny Florentine Summer is slowly coming to an end.
I'm gonna miss the green leaps of grasshoppers and rhythmic lullabies of crickets... 

Helga Aichinger, illustration from Das Heupferd, c.1970, thanks to Arthur van Kruining

1970s grasshopper from California found at Fears and Kahn

Antonio Frasconi illustration from See and Say, thanks to art.crazed

illustration from The Tall Grass Zoo by Winifred and Alfred Lubell, 1960

Violeta Lopiz, El bichito

François-Xavier LalanneSauterelle, 1970

Mike Libby at Insect Lab

Juliet KepesLadybird, quickly!, 1964, found via the wonderful Curio books

Jonathan WoodwardCrickets, thanks to Nelly Charbonneaux


  1. ...and we will miss those sounds when all is covered with snow this winter. Delightful post!

  2. They were ALL over the place in Sàrmede this summer — I miss them!
    Great post, it made my day...

  3. The sounds of summer slipping away...but then there's beautiful autumn to cheer us up! Lovely collection, Laura. Thank you!

  4. really great selection,
    great works! :)



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