Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Cat and the Stars

 another of my personal faves. I was recently happy to find out that The cat and the stars has been upoaded
 as part of the very rich Iranian collection (422 titles!) at the International Children's Digital Library
(naturally, I am planning more explorations of this wonderful site).

 Most of these books have been published by Shabaviz, a multi-awarded company based in Teheran.
 I first became aware of Shabaviz in 2004, after it won the New Horizons Award in Bologna with this motivation:
"Exceptionally, the jury has awarded the New Horizons prize not to one book but to an entire series 
of one publishing house. Our intent is to highlight the not uncommon case of a collection of books accomodating
 myriad graphic experiences, different styles, trials, research and story-telling. Yet all the books reflect great dignity,
 unfailing elegance, precision and originality. The collection is both rigorous and varied."
I have been visiting the Shabaviz booth ever since and love their production, 
which unfortunately in general is not for sale at the fair.

The cat and the stars was created by the very talented Neda Azimi, who was born in Teheran in 1980
 and studied Drama in university before obtaining a degree in illustraton. I really enjoy the great sense
 of color and composition in her collages, and an equally strong sense of humor shines through her depictions
 of the mischievous feline protagonist. Pay a visit to Neda's blog to see more of her lovely works.


  1. Love it! I've got my eye on a couple of Iranian illustrators too. Will be posting a couple of articles when I get a bit more time. Nice link!

  2. These works are so rich, great write-up, Laura!



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