Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Meadowlark and the Chim-choo-ree and the Sparrow

Amy Dover is a young artist from County Durham in North East England. 
She studied Art and Graphic Design, and after graduating in 2008, 
has been devoting her talents to art, illustration and letterpress printing.
Amy's draws inspiration from nature, folktales and ancient myths. 
She loves antiques and vintage ephemera, and sometimes uses old books 
and letters as a support for her graphite pencil drawings.

Amy also loves listening to music, and for her degree show she decided to illustrate 
some of the animal metaphors contained in Joanna Newsom's Ys. Seeing her Ys-inspired
 artworks on Behance really piqued my interest, since I am a huge Newsom fan. 
In fact, after discovering Ys, I spent months obsessively listening to it and extolling 
its virtues to family and friends. I think that Amy's project is a fantastic idea, since
 Newsom's songs are full of poetic narratives, deep symbolism and beautiful imagery.
 Dover's haunting animal pictures, much like Joanna's songs, are exquisitely 
and traditionally crafted, and explore the dramatic aspects of the natural world 
and its conflictual relation with our "civilized" approach to life.

Blind My Buttons with Salt. Fill My Long Ears with Bees,
from Newsom's Sawdust and Diamonds

Ursula, from Monkey and Bear

Half-word, from Only Skin

Amy's first solo show was held last July at her sister's Electrik Sheep gallery in Newcastle,
and her prints, stickers and postcards can be purchased from her website.

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  1. These are awesome... she is so talented.... and I still can't get over how cool your banner is...



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