Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cocorico and Kikeriki

Graphis 28, Special Swiss issue, cover by Hans Hartmann, 1949

As it often happens, a series of serendipitous coincidences has led me
to discover this lovely addendum to Sunday's Roosterfest.
It seems that the fantastic Graphis magazine had a thing for roosters too...

Graphis 28, cover by Joseph Binder, 1950

Graphis 56, cover by Picasso, 1954

Graphis 72, cover by Celestino Piatti, 1957

Graphis 97, cover by Hoot von Zitzewitz, 1961

Graphis 110, cover by Walter Greider, 1963

You can buy the PDFs of these beauties and other past issues at the Graphis website
or go for the originals at the fantastic Modernism 101 bookstore on ebay. This shop is 
a real collector's heaven and it makes me wish I had a lot more money in my pockets...


  1. Oh my, this rooster menagerie is utterly fantastic! Would you look at that Picasso and Piatti, wowza. Grazie, Laura! :~)

  2. Great! My fave's are the Piatti and the new-to-me Hoot von Zitzewitz

  3. these are so fun, I love the top image.



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