Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sunday Safari – The Circus is in Town

Christmastime in Italy is also Circus time (ok, here everyday is Circus time - 
but that's another story). I have never been a fan of traditional circus animal acts, 
but how could I escape the charm of their colorful and quirky transfiguration into 
a rainbow of shapes, silhouettes and symmetries by imaginative artists across the land?

Two illustrations from the comic book Alex, Il Piccolo fantastico Giocoliere
(Alex, the Amazing Juggler) by Gianni Peg, 1981

Cyrk by Józef Wilkon

Illustration from Wio, Leokadio by Elzbieta Murawska, 1974,
thanks to Ksiazki / Books

Hooggeëerd publiek. Circus in Nederland Toneelmuseum poster,
Amsterdam, 1978, from ReclameArsenaal

Cirque de Moscou sur Glace poster by Henri Galeron, 1990

3 Beagles, Monkey on bicycle, 2 growling tigers, and 2 hugging bears
posters by Wiktor Gorka, 1968–71

Bobinski's Mouse Circus Band, drawings for Coraline by Jon Klassen, 2007

Illustration by Violeta Lopiz, 2007

2 circus posters from bpx' fantastic USSR posters collection on flickr


  1. I like the Circus Posters. Once again, your choice is really appealing.
    Happy holidays :-)

  2. Strangely, I'm drawn to the Wilkon. I love the Russian posters too.

  3. Love this collection so much... especially being a circus *poster* freak. :~) The USSR works plus the Violeta Lopiz lion's mouth are particularly choice.

  4. Your blog is lovely! I'm a great fan of animals too and I'm very happy to find your "universe", happy 2010:)

  5. Preciós,

    ha sigut una font d'inspiració donar-li un cop d'ull

    Glòria falcón



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