Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pink Elephants on Parade

Cover illustration by Toshiyuki Fukuda

One of the few reasons I did like going to the Circus as a kid,
at the end I got to ride the baby elephant...

CYRK elephant poster by Jan Mlodozeniech, 1966

CYRK elephant poster by Hubert Hilscher, 1964

Circus elephant by Roger Hilton, 1973

Elephant by Naoto Kitamura

Elephant with long trunk by Mieczyslaw Wasilewski, 1974

Skinny elephant with butterfly ears by Andrzej Pagowski, 1979

Carlsberg Elephant Beer by Kjed Nielsen, 1960

La Collina degli Elefanti book cover by Sabrina Lupacchini, 2007

Baby elephant by Sebastiano Ranchetti

Illustration from La Petite Famille by John Alcorn, 1964
thanks to art.crazed's fantastic flickr stream

The Elephant Book cover by Ed Powers, 1963
thanks to Eric Sturdevant's awesome flickr collection of vintage children's books

Red Elephant by Edward Gorey

Calico Elly by Ward Jenkins

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  1. Ha! funny 'cos I was thinking of doing a similar post yesterday and found some nice Polish CYRK prints too. These are all wonderful -difficult to choose a favourite, perhaps the Jan Mlodozeniech one.



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