Sunday, March 14, 2010

El Circo de Lucas

Argentinian cartoonist, illustrator and comic book artist Lucas Nine was born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, where he studied Fine Arts and Cinema. His comics and illustrations have been published in numerous magazines and exhibited in shows in Argentina, Spain, Brazil and the Bologna Book Fair. His latest book El Circo Criollo, a revisitation of the Argentine popular circus tradition, was published by Ediciones del Eclipse in 2009. I am really impressed by the bold, spontaneous style and expressive brushwork of Lucas' illustrative work.

Quick sketch

Illustration for the book Para escuchar a la tortuga que suena by O. Califa

Three illustrations for the book Andanzas de Olegario by Gabriela Chiocca

Illustration for the magazine Caras y Caretas

Cover illustration for Leyendas de la Selva
Cover illustration for Latinoamérica en Voz

Illustration for the newspaper Clarin

Page from the comic book Cabaret del Diablo (the English title is Joe's Inferno)

Still from Les Triolets

Lucas is the son of the multitalented and very imaginative artist Carlos Nine. The two collaborated in the production of Les Triolets. This wild animated short was shown at various international festivals, including Annecy and Castelli Animati. You can watch a compressed version of it here.

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