Saturday, March 27, 2010

From Bologna: Philip Giordano

Teppete my cat

Ok, let's start with the prize winners. An international jury has assigned the newly created
International Award for Illustration, reserved to artists under 35, to Philip Giordano aka Pilipo
a young Italian artist living in Torino. I had recently discovered and appreciated Philip's work through 
his blog White Pepper Ice Cream and flickr stream. He has published three children's books with Zoolibri, 
including the lovely Chissadove and L'isola del mostro nero nero. Quoting the jury's motivation, 
he "moves masterfully between the cultural idioms of the past" and "appropriates the history of intense 
and provocative graphics as he searches for a valid and original artistic language." 
Congratulations Philip, and thanks for following the animalarium!

Devendra Banhart

Sketch for the project A4 god

letter G

detail from illustration

my grandfather



  1. I couldn't stop saying "Oooh, wow!!" as I looked at these...Thank you for all the wonderful illustrations you've introduced me to.



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