Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Safari - Up in smoke

Caution: this post may be hazardous to your health.
Animal tabagism is a more significant problem than previously estimated.

Indian oversized matchbox label, thanks again to Wackystuff

A. Fredericks,cover of Maraboe Vertelt, 1944

Herbert Leupin, Get your Easter gifts at Globus, 1945

Illustration by Květa Pacovská for Hodina Modrych Slonu, 1969,

thanks to the encyclopedic A Journey Round my Skull

Polish matchbox label, thanks to Shailesh Chavda's beautiful flickr collections

Illustration by Greg Clarke

Horst Lemke, illustration from Fahre mit durchs ABC, 1965,
thanks to illuopa

Andrea Rivola, Ceci n'est pas un flamant

Chamo, Smoking peacock

Ben Newman, Carlo the homeless

Stefan Glerum, Poespas 2010

Animalsleepstories, Tiger smoking

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  1. Ha, love the imagery and theme, Laura! The pink flamingo is quite humourous. Beautiful finds and curation as always!



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