Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Safari - Four & Twenty Black Birds

Actually, if you count them all they are even more,
from Rooks and Ravens to Blackbirds and Crows.
A big flock for our last Winter Safari.
Welcome Spring!

Rooks in Ginko Tree by Diana Sudyka

Les Corbeaux de Pearblossom cover by Beatrice Alemagna

Cria Cuervos Cuban movie poster by Eduardo Munoz Bachs, 1977

Two works from Raven by Emmanuel Polanco

Raven by Lisa Congdon

Blackbird's nest by Joe McLaren

Blackbirds by Jantze Tullet, thanks to The Art Room Plant

Maggi poster ad from Reklamarsenaal

Cover of Graphis 116, 1964

The Raven by Lorenzo Mattotti

Corvo and Merlo by Marco Cazzato

Crowed and Crowm by Lou Beach

Poster by Mehdi Saeedi

Rural Corvus and Urban Corvus by Dan Grzeca


  1. Beautiful....I love these. Made me think of this: by Faye Ku

  2. Even though I hate birds, I think your blog has a very artistic touch!
    I have always wondered why I hate birds that much, but I have not been able to find it out



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