Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Safari - Le Farfalle

Marie-Blanche-Hennelle Fournier, photocollage page from The Madame B Album, 1870s

This morning by the river Arno I saw the season's first butterfly: 
small and pale yellow, visiting the hidden pleasures of a bright yellow flower.
Such a delightful and comforting encounter!

Poster for the Naturhistorisches Museum Bern by Claude Kuhn, 1990

Illustration by Daniel Chang

Butterfly print by E.A. Séguy, 1920s, thanks to Bibliodissey

Metamorphosis by Kayama Matazo, 1979

Poster by Augusto Giacometti, 1928

Paolo Garretto, cover of the Italian magazine Natura, 1932,
thanks to the ever surprising A Journey Round My Skull

Eiffel Tower by Peter Blake

poster by Lora Lamm for the Italian department store La Rinascente, 1960s,
thanks to vintage graphic design heaven

Illustration from Grandmother Lucy goes for a picnic by Frank Francis, 1970,
thanks to flamenconut's Tasty Morsels

Illustration from Attic of the wind by Ati Forberg, 1966,
thanks to letslookupandsmile's Children's book illustration set

Borboleta by mariacininha

Papilonidae by Delphine Lebourgeois


  1. This is made for you: A soviet version of The little bear Pooh

    (I discovered via boing boing)

  2. oh, great!
    i love butterflys in every version!

  3. Love this butterfly page. (Haven't seen it before)
    Especially love the last image (Papilonidae. Are they wearing little jackets? If these are clothes moths I am even more delighted.

    Preume you have seen this vintage / flapper butterfly woman image, but thought I'd send you a link anyway (am sure it is in many places on the web):


  4. Thank you for your comments!

    Kirsty, thanks, I have used a different version of that image here:

  5. stunning gallery; great boost of colour this morning. cheers!n♥



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