Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday Safari - On the sea and by the shore

Lindsey CarrAn Oiled Scarlet Ibis

Like everybody, for the past weeks I've been watching anguished and heartbroken
the horrible unfolding of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.
Today's post is dedicated to all sea birds, shore birds and waders,
may they continue to thrive in spite of human greed and foolishness!

Lauren Nassef, illustration for the story Waste

Paul Bloomer, Noup of Noss, thanks to The Art Room Plant

Paul Davis illustration from AIGA Graphic Design USA: 4
Ann Wood, Winter vignette

Guy TaplinFour Curlew
thanks to The Art Room Plant

Eleanor GroschAvocet

Charles Harper, Atlantic coast, Ford Times 1961
thanks to Heather David and flickr's invaluable mid-century illustrated pool

Sebastiano Ranchetti, Pelican

Ingebjorg SmithSilver Beach Redshanks,
thanks again to The Art Room Plant!

BTW, tomorrow Animalarium turns one year old...
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