Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Owl Tree Giveaway

To celebrate one year of Animalarium, we are giving away one of our few copies 
of the beautiful Korean edition of Sebastiano (Ranchetti)'s L'Albero Gufo (The Owl Tree)
Don't worry about the language,the book is completely wordless!

The Owl Tree, a rather mysterious symbolic journey through an existential night forest, 
is one of Sebastiano's more personal books. It was first published by Jaca Book in Italy,
where critics described it as psychedelic and remindful of Bruno Munari.
Its 64 silent, graphic, dark and elegant pages are quite unusual for the local children's publishing sector, 
and the book tends to migrates between the children's, art and design sections of bookstores.
Unfortunately, because of the language barrier, we still have no idea about how it is
doing in Korea, where it was published by Sonyunhangil - Hangilsa in 2009!

To participate in the giveway, just write a comment to this post  
in which you nominate a favorite artist(s) discovered through Animalarium.
There's time to leave comments until August 14th, then we'll draw the winner!


  1. I'm going to have to nominate Matticchio! I knew nothing of him before I started reading your blog, but everything of his that you post is a delight! Thank you.

  2. I owe Animalarium a debt of gratitude for the revelatory recent post that delivered back into my brain (and soon my hands) two of the most treasured books of my childhood: Wanda Gag's "The Funny Thing" and "Nothing At All." For years I've been recounting the half-remembered stories of these books to people hoping that they could tell me the titles and author and then here she was on Animalarium. I'm already eyeing my mailbox, waiting for these re-discovered pieces of my past to arrive. Thank you! "L'Albero Gufo" looks beautiful. I hope I win!

  3. Animalarium is too rich to choose a favorite, but if I must, I will choose Lindsey Carr. So much inspiration every week here. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. TF

  4. Great birthday give-away.

    Have generally just been gazing at the pictures and feasting on the visal vibrancy. Will start paying attention and pick a fav.

  5. Thanks to your blog I got the opportunity to see the wonderful artwork of so many artists,it's always a joy to visit.I admire the work of Jozef Wilkon and he will be my choice.
    The book looks great;strong, vibrant colours and mysterious,I like that combination.
    Happy Birthday Animalarium!

  6. This place is so great. Happy Birthday! I really can't pick a favorite, but I'll say Cyrk, because that's the name I can remember. Really, though, thanks for all of it.

  7. Oh most definitely Martina Merlini! Such amazing work :D

  8. I've discovered so many fabulous illustrators here, I really can't just pick one! Wll have to get back to you :)

  9. I don't know which one to pick, some of them I knew already, other like Matticchio I discovered here! Thank you for your amazing work and research! For someone like me, a big fan of animals and wildlife, your blog is a real treasure! Happy anniversary:)

  10. happy birthday!
    i’ll say it out loud. i’m not a pet lover, nor am i much of an animal admirer. i like them, they are usually good looking, and even the ugly ones are interesting, perhaps even most interesting. . but! illustrated animals i am fond of, so when i found your very interesting blog, i reveled. i still do. such a nice diversion from all the usual stuff. i like the colour, i like the subjects, the variation. i sincerely can’t nominate anyone. forgive me.
    cheers, woolf.

  11. just love the work of Iwona Chmielewska, spotted here.
    happy blogbirthday to you!

  12. Igor Oleynikov is excellent



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