Friday, July 2, 2010

Mad Men & Crazy Critters - 6th episode: Hounds of Love

Edward Penfield, Harper's poster, 1897

Traditionally employed by the upper classes in coursing, hunting and racing, 
the hound's beautiful breeds were also put to good use by many commercial 
and decorative artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Steinlen, Clinique Chéron,1905

Auguste Roubille, Spratt's Patent,1909 

Lucian Zabel, Excelsior Tires,1909 
thanks to susanlenox's Vintage German Ilustration flickr set

Julius Gipkens, Heinemann's Rohrmöbel, 1912
thanks to Ștefan Lucuţ's Baubauhaus flickr set

Both Art Nouveau's love of elegant and curvilinear silhouettes 
and Art Deco's fascination with speed and all things streamlined 
found an ideal subject in these dogs' graceful and sleek bodies.

Carter Housh, McCall's Magazine cover, February 1914

Two posters by Ludwig Hohlwein, 1912 and 1927
thanks to Susan Lenox and Ștefan Lucuţ on flickr

Baldrich, ads for Derma-Calber dentifrice and cosmetics, 1920
thanks to Art Deco blog

Dutch poster for the 1916 Utrecht Dog Show and
Scena Illustrata cover by Paul Valentin(?), 1927
thanks to Jan Willemsen's Old Posters flickr set

In the 1920s hounds had become a popular fashion accessory, 
appearing in hundreds of photos and illustrations along with 
the pure, elongated lines of the female style of the era.
But that will be dealt with more at lenght in a future post! 


  1. such pretty pictures... I especially love the one of the animal hospital.
    pilli pilli

  2. The styles of art deco and art nouveau marry well with stylising animals! Love these posters. What a happy find!

  3. I love greyhounds as we had one 'Molly' for ten cherished years, one day I hope we will be able to have one again. x lovely post, Thanks x



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