Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello Pussycat

Janusz Bruchnalski, Les Felins, 1968

This summer when I'm not travelling I'd like to continue the series of posts ("Females on Friday", maybe?) 
dedicated to female animas/animals, recently started with The Ladybirds Parade and Kiss of the Spider Woman
During these hot summer nights, I feel that old/young feminine energy rising up all over the place...
Do you too? If you feel you have some interesting pictures to contribute, send me an email! 

Bogdan ZwirCrazy Cat  

Yutaka Murakami ad illustration, 1984

Be they cat women or tiger girls, I love how these heavenly creatures 
dance and prance, lay and play, lovely, powerful and tempting,
their eyes mysterious, their limbs agile and sinuous 

Erté, Letter L

De Moore, Tigra cigarettes, 1950,  thanks to Vintage Poster

Fay KuTigergirls 3

Nicoletta Ceccoli, Hide and Seek

Lizzi Charlotte Hosaeus, Cat Woman, 1930
thanks to the Tumblr Dark Silence in Suburbia

Colette Calascione, Cat Mask

Claude VerlindeDans le tiroir

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