Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday Safari - A Tentacled Mystery

Victor Hugo, circa 1866, thanks to A Journey Round My Skull

This week's safari was delayed by a deadly mix of partying and massive heat wave.

Even before the immediate rise to fame of the Psychic Octopus, I've been among those
fascinated by this incredibly gifted, impressive and otherwordly creature... 
and I'm in good company, as you can see!

William Evans Hoyle, Octopus Marmoratus, from The Voyage of HMS "Challenger", 1886
thanks to Tonya Van Gieson

Miquel BarcelóDouble Coleoidea 3

Stefano Pilato aka Pesce FrescoPulpogris

Delphine LebourgeoisAquatic chandelier

Junzo Terada, from Hon no Hon (Book of imaginary books)

Weisser, Fillmore concert poster, 1968

Rachel Wilson, from the Sea Creatures series

Sanna AnnukkaOctocity

Keizo Matsui7th Creator's Summer Festival poster, 2000

Jake BlanchardCephalopods

Leia BellUnfortunately the "Midnight Octopus Aquarium Escape" 
story is just an urban legend

Tiffany BozicDumbo Octopus

And if these aren't enough tentacles for you, head here for more

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  1. This is a wonderful post. I came here through Pinterest, and just love cephalopods and art inspired by them.



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