Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ericailcane - Man is the Bastard

Humans are nothing but animals. Ericailcane

Like his close friend and frequent collaborator Blu, Ericailcane is an artist from Bologna and one 
of the main exponents of the Italian street art scene (btw, if you haven't done so yet, check out 
Blu's latest colossal animated project here). In recent years, Ericailcane's animal themed murals have 
received international recognition, and can be found on the streets of various European cities, 
as well as in Los Angeles, Palestine and Nicaragua. 

Blu + Ericailcane, Bottles, at POP UP! Ancona 2008

In fact, the murals are just part of a much larger picture, since ericailcane's artistic endeavors 
also include stop-motion animations, drawings, prints, art books, painting, sculptures and installations.
Through all these media, Ericailcane's poetic world comes alive through a very personal menagerie 
of tender, awkward, and existentially challenged anthropomorphic animals

Uccello 2

Since I am having a very hard time deciding what artworks to post here among the many I like, 
I'm just going to highlight a few recent projects, hoping that you'll be enticed to look out for more 
at the artist's great new website or one of many other web venues showcasing his works.

A nuoto

Ericailcane’s drawings and etchings are finely drafted and lovingly detailed, but while his technique 
brings to mind 19th century children's and natural history book illustrations, his inspiration is wholly modern,
immersed in the weaknesses, contradictions and anxieties of contemporary humanity.

Last January Carmichael Gallery hosted Ericailcane's first solo show in Los Angeles, Man is the Bastard.
The exhibition featured etchings and graphic art, but for the occasion he also painted a large mural 
on La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood.
After having being shown by his parents a series of drawings he had made as a child in 1985, 
 the artist decided to draw them again, and in 2009 created the book Potente di fuoco that
displays on each spread Leonardo/Ericailcane's creatures in their early and new incarnations. 

Guerra civile (Civil war) is the title of a recent Milan exhibition at Galleria Patricia Armocida
featuring new drawing, etchings and prints of warmongering critters. 

Rovina (Ruin) is a site-specific installation hosted inside an abandoned historical building
during the 3rd edition of POP UP! festival in Ancona, on show until the 5th of September. 
You can see photos of the large installation's murals and sculptures here and here.

And finally, some 2009 wall paintings from the Italian cities of Grottaglie, Pisa and Foligno.
Go here to watch Ericailcane at work and see how they are done!



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