Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Giveaway, tips and unexpected gifts

This last fiery encounter just fell on my lap from a 1979 graphic design book picked up at the library.
From the great American illustrator and designer Paul Davis.

I've finally decided to extend the deadline for our birthday giveaway to the end of the month.
I am hoping that some of those who have been busy or away on vacation will participate, 
because I am hoping to get more feedback from your comments about what my readers enjoy 
the most at Animalarium. So, if you decide to leave a comment you'll both make me happy
AND get a chance to receive a copy of a very unusual and beautiful book!

I also wanted to thank the lovely Hazel Terry of The art room plant
for sending me this adorable rubber flea, part of her Pets in the post art project,
and Adam Jaromir for sending a copy of his beautiful book Zarafa.

Often Animalarium's readers offer suggestions and tips about various animal art 
on the web, and I am sorry about not having enough time to always follow their leads.
Today I want to thank fellow blogger Brontops, who sent me a link to this video version 
of the great Italian painter and comic book artist Andrea Pazienza's book Bestiario
leading me to the very rich You Tube channel of shivabel, with over 350 videos 
dedicated to interesting art and books. Check it out!

Ronald Searle

Finally, don't miss the outstandingly well researched and written post
Literary Pets by Gilbert Albert-GIlbert at A Journey Round My Skull... 

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  1. So glad your flea arrived, Hope he makes you smile not itch xxx



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