Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday Safari - Travel Time

The Airship in Animal Land by G.H. Thompson, 1910,
thanks to Phil Beard on flickr

Just came back refreshed from a gorgeous weekend on the coast.
Falling in love once again with the Tuscan landscape in all its summer glory, 
under clear blue skies and in golden evening light,
enchanted by the green pine trees and turquoise bay,
the soft touch of the sand and and the sound of the sea.
It's good to get away from my Mac every now and then!
Wherever you are and wherever you go, 
I wish all you travelers beautiful days in the sun!

The Jeremy Mouse Book by Hilary Knight
thanks to Page Books 

The Animals' Vacation by Shel and Jan Haber, 1964.
See this lovely book in its entirety at Golden Gems

1960 German Railways brochure, 
thanks to Luise aka allerleirau on flickr 

Poster by Daphne Padden, thanks to Quad Royal

Sebastiano Ranchetti, Pop, The Van

Sarajo Frieden, illustration for The Bark Magazine 

Sara Fanelli, Butterfly Airplane 

Vintage travel poster from Finland
thanks to a beautiful post at Grain Edit 

Small Towns in Russia illustration by Suzy Yes

Mario Puppo, Finale Ligure, 1954
thanks to the fantastic ad gallery at La Mar De Tabaco 


  1. Mis felicitaciones por tu gran blog y felicidades por este año recién cumplido.


    Congratulations on your great blog and congratulations on this year just completed.


  2. "Animals vacations" is precious! I wish I had it...



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