Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mad Men & Crazy Critters, 8th episode: Signs of the Times

I am so happy that Mad Men is back with its fourth series...
I soooo loved Roger Sterling's new office and its gorgeous Op painting!

I am going to celebrate the event the Animalarium way, 
accompanied by a happy menagerie of playful and bold graphic work 
from some of the greatest ad men of the era.

Otto Treumann, 1962, thanks to Grain Edit

Fred Troller, ca. 1964, thanks to dwell

George Giusti, 1964, thanks to Burning Settlers Cabin

Daphne Padden, thanks to Quad Royal

André François, 1963-4, thanks to Sandi Vincent aka sandiv999

André François, 1963

1962 and 1964 American ads from Vintage Ad Browser

Karel Teissel 1965, from Terry Posters

Tom Eckersley, 1962, thanks again to Quad Royal

Celestino Piatti, thanks again to Sandi Vincent

Raymond Savignac, 1965, thanks to Steven J. Moore

Jaroslav Zelenka, 1965, from Terry Posters

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  1. Hola amiga, tienes un grandioso blog, tienes una gran pasión por el diseño y los animales, en fin saludos y sigue así... n_n



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