Friday, December 10, 2010

Leda's Lover

Before abandoning our wild swan ride, I wanted to pay
a little homage to one of art's most explored and exploited mythical themes.  
The erotic and aesthetic potential of this tale of passion between gods and mortals, 
animal and human forms has inspired countless artists throughout history,
and has not yet lost its power of attraction. 

 Karen Knorr, The Purple Room (Leda)

 Michael Parkes, Winter, thanks to Dark Silence in Suburbia

 Jerzy Flisak, The story of sin, 1975

Indeed, swan lore and symbolism is a very rich and fascinating
subject, worthy of deeper and wider explorations. 
The nice post on Magpie and whiskeyjack is a good place to start... 

Catrin Welz-Stein, The second look


  1. Magnifique, cela me fait penser à cette autre peinture de Mickael PARKES

  2. Thanks Vanessa. Yes, Michael Parkes has quite a few works on this and other symbolic themes featuring females and animals...

  3. funny, my last name is the german word for swan :)



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