Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Safari - Winter Wonderland

Vyacheslav Legkobit, Did Oksenik

Yesterday I walked for hours in a Firenze completely transformed 
by a thick blanket of snow. It' s been a very extra-ordinary weekend 
for everybody here; magic for some, dramatic for others...
what a difference a snowstorm makes!

Richard Scarry, I am a Bunny, 1963
Murzilka magazine n. 12, 1980, thanks to Martin Klasch

  Jingle Bells by J. P. Miller, 1964 and

 How Six Found Christmas by Trina Schart Hyman 
thanks for both images to the always lovely Vintage Kids Books My Kid Loves

 can't find the info for this nice Russian bear...

 Renata Liwska, Holiday surprise

 Komako Sakai, The Snow Day

Leonard Weisgard, Baby elephant and the secret wishes

 Pet polar bear by Aurelius Battaglia, 1950 
thanks to art.crazed

Mathilde Nivet, Winter sports

Irene Schoch, Je souris toute l'année



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