Friday, December 3, 2010

Russian Colored Days

Sorry for the slow posting. This has been a rather hectic period 
for me and my family, but soon there will be lots of new eye candies
from Japan, Italy and elewhere. Today on the menu another joyous 
and lively series of artworks from a Russian children's book.
A colorful antidote to these gloomy, rainy days!

The 1981 Mosaic was written by E. Serova and illustrated by Boris Kalaushin. 
These scans were posted on livejournal-kidpix thanks to Ribka Kabikova. 

Boris Kalaushin (1929-1999) was born in Leningrad, the son of Pushkin scholar M.M. Kalaushin. 
He graduated from the Academy of Arts in 1956 and established himself as one of best
 known children's book illustrators in Russia. He illustrated over 100 children's books, 
including V. Gubarev's The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, Andersen's The Emperor's New
Clothes, Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, and Yury Olesha's Three Fat Men.
 His books were published in China, Germany, Japan, Romania and other countries. 
As a graphic artist Kalaushin frequently participated in exhibitions in Russia and abroad, 
and as a scholar and promoter of modern art he organized exhibitions and conferences 
in St.Petersburg. He also painted energetic, avant-garde inspired portraits, 
 landscapes and semi-abstract paintings that were not exhibited until 1987.

Thanks again to Kickcan and Conkers for introducing me to this artist's work one year ago.
See more lovely illustrations by Kalaushin on kidpix and at Svetlana's Library things.


  1. Always so wonderful over here Laura,hope you have a great weekend .

  2. I especially love the Russian artists. Thank you so much!!



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