Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bric-à-brac Creatures

 Many thanks to Miquel Aparici for writing and inviting me into his magical world.
Just looking at his artworks makes me happy, hope to see them in person someday! 

Miquel's wonderful recycled sculptures are assemblages of disparate vintage materials
that he collects from junkyards and antique sellers. He then catalogues, stores and 
transforms them in his workshop located inside an old industrial ship near Barcelona.
Thanks to La Factoría Plástica and pad blog for the studio photos.

A fantastic box of toys made for a lucky someone called Lucas. 

On Miquel's website you can also find his series of animals painted with coffee, 
sugar and a teaspoon. And check out his blog to get the latest news!


  1. these animals are FANTASTIC ! Love this!

  2. This reminds me of folk Art and Prisoner Art . Just so innovative and truly creative in bringing such form and personality to each piece ... as well as doing the environment a favour. Beautiful.



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