Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Safari - Under the African Sun

Rilla AlexanderSun spots

We're in the midst of a Heat wave...
it feels like we're in the Savannah, minus the wildlife.
At least, I've got some pretty pictures to look at!

Oréli & Otto, found thanks to Elephant Eater

Illustration by Béatrice Tanaka from Enchanted Savannah, 1974,
thanks to 50 Watts

Joyce Hesselberth at Spur Stor

Illustration by Juliet Kepes from Five little monkeys, 1952,

Illustration by Roger Duvoisin from The Happy Lion in Africa, 1955,
thanks to Hazel Terry

Illustration by Paloma Valdivia from La máscara del león

Isabel HojasLa Selva, found thanks to the art room plant

 Illustration by Clement Hurd from Monkey in the Jungle, 1968,
thanks to art.crazed

Neil Murison, Restless Zebra, thanks to Dark Silence in Suburbia


  1. bellissima raccolta! grazie mille!

  2. These are ALL really beautiful and inspiring! They really brightened up my morning :) I especially like the Juliet Kepes, Roger Duvoisin and Oreli and Otto ones...

  3. These are all lovely - especially like the top 6, brightly coloured ones. Enjoy your week :)

  4. magnifiques découvertes sous le soleil d'Afrique, merci du voyage !



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