Saturday, July 23, 2011

Russian Riddles

I photographed this lovely folk style book in the Russian booth at the Bologna Book Fair 
last April, but didn't feel like posting it because I didn't have any info about it.
Finally, thanks to a cyrillic decoder and Google Translator, the mystery is solved!
Titled White hare, where have you run? (thanks to quete and reset for the correct
 translationand illustrated by Karinna Germanovna Pretro, it's a compilation
of traditional songs, nursery rhymes, riddles, tongue twisters and lullabies.

(Now, if only I could find a bit of information about the illustrator...) 
Update: this info is now available in the comments to this post.
Many thanks to Maria, quete and Irina for the data and links!


  1. Title is more like "White Rabbit, where you've run?" (don't sure if my english grammar is right, but in russian it is past tense {the meaning is like "where you've been?"}).
    The book was published in 2008 in Moscow.
    Korinna Pretro was born in 1939 and she is a painter from St. Petersburg, and she've illustrated about 30 books. Here is an article about her, it's in russian but there are some pictures.

  2. it's hare, not rabbit (it's not that important though, i guess)

  3. Thanks for your corrections and input, I knew I could count on you, dear readers! :)

  4. She lives in St.Petersburg and in summer moves to the country, a village, where she and her husband (he's a writer by the way) bought a wooden house surrounded by apple garden. I guess it's easy to get tones of inspiration from such an environment. I like the fact she follows traditional Russian roots, but keeps them fresh and up to date. Some of her works are part of the collection of Tretyakov's gallery, one of the most famous in Russia.

    Thank you for the loveliest blog!

  5. Thank you for all the information Irina!



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