Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Safari - Bee Buzz

 Alain Grée, 1967, thanks to Pour toujours...
Golly BardSwarm of honeybees

Paper sculpture by Elsa Mora

Illustrations by Janusz Grabianski and Joanna Zimowska-Kwak, 1989

Illustrations from The Honeybees by Colette Portal and Animals at home, The Bee by Iliane Roels, 
both published in 1967. Thanks to the amazing flickr gallery of Arthur Van Kruining

  Another illustration from the lovely Animals at home, The Bee,
 this time thanks to Joey's Dream Garden (click to enlarge!)

André Francois, ad from Graphis 1961, thanks to the wonderful Sandi Vincent

Illustration from Anne and Paul Rand's Little 1

I discovered Angie Renfro thanks to Hazel Terry, 
the lovely curator of The Art Room Plant


  1. They are the most glorious buzz of bees: I have some gorgeous mugs by Klaus Haapiniemi, from Arabia/Ittala

  2. Your timing is perfect . I was watching busy bees combing the oregano just minutes ago.

  3. bees ,,,,,, "I'm covered in bees!"



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