Thursday, December 3, 2009

De Bestiarium Naturis

Andrea Pedrazzini is an Italian poet and visual artist working in Milan, best known for his illustrations and vignettes
 published in magazines and newspapers. In 2000 he began the personal artistic project
De Bestiarium Naturis,
 which he planned as a modern bestiary composed of 999 original ink and mixed media drawings
 representing fantastic animals. More than 700 creatures have been completed to date.
 Following are some of the refined and patiently crafted artworks that Pedrazzini 
has exposed in galleries or published in his artist books and blog. Hopefully he will 
be able to publish the entire magnum opus in book form once it is finished.

Above are a few plates from Pedrazzini's Bestiario degli animali autunnali,
published in 2000 and now a freely downloadable e-book

It was difficult to pick just a few images from this delightful banquet of visual puns and ironic inventions. 
Pedrazzini's intelligent and critical eye seems to have conceived this strange collection of creatures
 as an intimate exploration of the deep awkwardness of human nature. His mutating menagerie
 has been grafted with disproportionate and seemingly redundant appendages and accessories,
 and looks hardly fit for survival in the wild. Perhaps, the obviously precarious yet strangely reassuring
 presence of these evolutionary misfits and their questioning gaze are what make them so endearing...


  1. Super fantastic all of these works!

    (Sorry, I'm in um er hyper comment mode. :~) But, but so much to enjoy here as always.)

  2. Woah, this is absolutely awesome illustrations. Talk about inspiration huh?



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