Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Candyfish and Scissorbirds

Harrie Geelen is a Dutch illustrator, animator, writer and poet who was nominated this year for the Astrid Lindgren award and the Hans Christian Andersen award. He recently created this sweetly surreal music video for free for the Dutch band Cloudmachine. I find the nostalgic nocturnal atmosphere of this work fascinating, and knowing it's a labour of love makes it even more special. The music is actually nice too... Thanks again to Ian Lumsden for sharing this and many other beautiful films on his Animation blog.


  1. Hello Laura, thank you for choosing one of my collages. It is a pleasure because I consider your blog one of the most beautiful, well done to research that I know on the Internet. And seeing one of my works in your blog, makes me very happy. Thanks.



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