Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Safari - The Color of Spring Songs

Brian Wildsmith, illustration from The North WInd and the Sun, 1964, 
thanks to Letslookupandsmile's lovely Children's book illustrations flickr set

For the past few days I was laying in bed, floored by a monster cold so strong that I couldn't even get up 
and reach my computer (a really bad sign for me). Outside, black clouds and pouring rain most of the time, 
so it was hard to remember that after all it is May, traditionally my favorite time of year.
At least there was a cheerful note: the beautiful soundtrack of birdsongs coming through my window, 
and selfishly I have never been more grateful to Sebastiano for constructing bird feeders 
and keeping them well stocked at all times... and of course, thank you birdies!

Takeo Takei print, 1974, 
thanks to the always surprising A Journey Round My Skull

Lotta Nieminen, illustration for Move On magazine, 
thanks to Grain Edit

Matte Stephens, Bird print
Madeleine Stamer - Someone Great

Stella Baggott, Birds of Paradise

Maria PrimachenkoA bird is flying, her master seeking, 1986

Sanna AnnukkaGolden Bird

Kavita Arvind, Tree of Life

Mariacininha, Meeting of Spring

Abigail Brown, Blue Tit

Pietari Posti, fabric design for BonBonKakku

Emily Sutton, Goldcrest

Josef Palacek, illustration from Je ne me plais pas partout, Hatier, 1973,
thans to the always wonderful flamenconut on flickr

Kayama Matazo, Kaki, 1990


  1. Laura...thanks for this!
    soooo gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful collection,hope you are better. x

  3. Wow! Beautiful bird illustrations!!!! We have bird feeders and a bird bath. We must get all the birds in our Shaker neighborhood. I call it our Bird Spa. Funny thing yesterday, I was walking past B&N store and see these 2 birds literally wrestling each other. One was pinned under the other on his back w/his wings spread out. I have never seen such violence between 2 little birds. So I came up w/an illustration idea about friendship and mending for a card. I now have a design line I am going to develop with birds & flowers.
    Thanks again for posting these images.
    Get well!

  4. Thanks for your comments! I am better now, but still carrying a handkerchief in my pocket...

  5. These are just beautiful,Laura! I look forward to discovering new things on your blog every day! Thank you for the time you put in!



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