Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Safari - Striking Stripes

Celestino Piatti, cover of ABC der Tiere, 1964

André François, illustration from Roland, 1958, 

Józef Wilkon, cover of Pan Tip-Top
Russian Circus poster, thanks to Ben Perry's 
fantastic USSR posters collection on flickr

Polish matchbox label, thanks to Maraid's 
wonderful matchbox labels collection on flickr

Kazumasa Nagai, Save me

Pep MontserratLa selva del lenguaje

Swiss poster by Polly Bertram and Daniel Volkart, 1990
David Klein, poster Africa-fly TWA, ca.1967

Peter ClarkStripe dreams collage

Sebastiano Ranchetti, Zebra print

Matazo Kayama, 1954


  1. Peter Clark and Piatti are my faves, thanks!

  2. I just love, love, love your blog! It's pretty amazing! As a graphic design student, I'm very much attracted by the witty and beautiful illustrations and artworks that your blog abounds in! Thank you so much for sharing these finds!

  3. Hi! I have another Zebra matchbox label, if you wish I can send you a photo of it. you can see my collection here:
    Best regards, Arnon



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