Friday, May 7, 2010

Mad Men & Crazy Critters - 5th episode: Keeping it simple

Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated. Paul Rand

Yesterday was the end of spring semester at FIDI, and my turn to assign grades 
(my least favorite part of being a teacher) and say goodbye to my dear students, 
who are going back to their homes across four continents and moving on 
to new challenges and adventures. I know I am going to miss them, but on the bright side 
I will finally have some time to work on my art and garden, update my website and 
flickr and clear my backlog of emails... (btw, I am the one in the red raincoat)

Stafford Fabrics, 1942

Anton Maix Fabrics

I have come to really enjoy teaching, a work which among other wonderful things 
has inspired me to study and love more deeply graphic design, a field I entered many
 years ago mostly by accident. Doing research for the lectures also has the added bonus 
of giving me an extra chance to stumble upon interesting designs featuring animals...

Ohrbach's Department Store, 1940s

Today's finds are a series of ads designed and illustrated by Paul Rand 
in his classic playful and modern style. Most of the pictures come from 
the extensive and beautiful website dedicated to him, a very good place to start 
in case you are not familiar with this great and highly influential designer.

Architectural Forum, 1943

Robeson Cutlery Company, late 1940s

El Producto Cigar Company, 1952-57

Westinghouse, 1960s


  1. Your students are quite fortunate to have you as their teacher. Great selection of Paul Rand illustrations, the Westinghouse fishbowl is a particular favorite.

  2. Lovely selection here and yes, I echo Sandi's comments - what lucky students!
    Nice to see you :)

  3. I do love that fish bowl, I have a print of it in my diary.
    I don't have that horrible job of grading my students this year thank goodness. I don't envy you at all. It is lovely to see you!

  4. Thanks! I feel very lucky to have become a teacher, again by accident, since I am enjoying it much more than I could have imagined...



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