Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pablo Amargo

More goodness from Spain! Pablo Amargo has been working as a professional illustrator since the mid-nineties and has since received various awards, including Spain's National Illustration Prize in 2004. His strong, clever and simple artworks have appeared on advertising posters, magazines and many children's books.

Magazine cover
Three prints from the series Historia Natural

Illustrations from the children's book series Otro mundo es posible

Illustration from the children's book El rio que se secaba los jueves

Spread from the children's book El mejor amigo del perro
Two illustrations from the children's book El branu de Mirtya

Trophy for the Certamen Internacional del Álbum Ilustrado de Gran Canaria


  1. Lovely stuff, especially the Historia Natural posts, but I couldn't make the link work. . could you repost if you have a mo? Thanks :)

  2. Incredible illustrated graphics!! Thanks!



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