Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Hippos

Nikita Charushin, My first zoology book, 1984, thanks to Book Graphics

Rainey Bennet, The secret hiding place, 1960, thanks to Matt Hinrichs

Roger Duvoisin, Veronica, 1961, thanks to Capa Dura em Cingapura

  Ethel and Leonard Kessler, Are You Square?1966, thanks to hunkamunka

Abner Graboff, 1961, thanks to Eric Sturdevant

Andrew Mockett, thanks to the art room plant

Katherine Evans, Junior True Book of African Animals, 1958, thanks to joy of a toy

Elisabeth Brozowska, Isidore L'Hippopotame, 1969, thanks to Illustration s'il vous plaît

Clement Hurd, Monkey in the Jungle, 1968, thanks to art.crazed

Jun Takabatake, Quien soy,thanks to Col.lecionàrum


  1. I love those hippos! Specially the one by Abner Graboff and the one by Atsushi Hara.

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  3. What a lovely collection!

    I got very touched by the Rainey Bennet! - and the drawing by Madeleine Floyd is just perfect!

    Best wishes

  4. Since I saw this post last night I have seen Hippo's everywhere :D
    Have a look for Josef Palecek's Pummel.
    Laura its lovely!

  5. wow!! I love all the pics. ;-)

  6. So many fabulous hippos! I love the cardboard one and the plush toy one! Amazing. Thanks for posting them.

  7. Charushin's name is Evgeny (or Eugene). Grew up on his drawings.

    Thank you for this blog! Enormous level of happiness each time I visit!

  8. Ha-ha! Sorry, my bad. It's his son's work. They worked in very similar style. That's why I didn't recognize him from me thirst glance. Check out both!

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  10. Thanks for all your comments!

    Thank you Irina, I had posted about Evgeny (I spelled it Yevgeny based on a book I have; these different transliterations always confuse me), but I didn't know that Nikita was his son!



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